PATRICK WIND und die Wellen


Already at teenage age Patrick Wind played different musical instruments and wrote his own songs. He started performing with his first band "The Message" at the age of 15. Fascinated by producing and recording music he decided to stop school and study audio engineering at the SAE in Munich.

After his studies Patrick Wind started producing film scores and soundtracks for movies. In addition to this he is continuously working on multiple recordings for the local music scene around the Lake of Constance.

In 2001 he released his first solo album "Elements" on his label "eigenvertrieb" featuring artists such as York from Jazzkantine and the famous author Martin Walser, Radio stations started playing “Elements” even thought there was no support by any major record label. The Deutschland Radio called Patrick Wind ́s music: "Musik für die Bilder im Kopf". 2007 he released the also successful album "Elements 2" featuring Jude Abbott and Neil Ferguson from Chumbawamba, Anne Clark, and the orchestra of the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie.

2017 (after a long private break) he got nominated by the "Deutsche Popstiftung"as "best german singer- songwriter" with the "best song" and the not yet released album “Auf die See” as "best album" of the year and won bronze and silver.

In 2019 he produced the final Album Version "Auf die See" with his band "Die Wellen"

 "Auf die See" will be released on 25. Mai 2019 at the Theater Konstanz. 

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